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Working with you

We have lots of ways of communicating with you; through our regular newsletters, face-to-face meetings, annual personal development, planning meetings and occasional surveys for your feedback on our services – letting us know how we can improve.

Plus, we’ll work with you on a day-to-day basis through the services you choose to use.

Individual Plans

At NDISFinder we tailor our plans when working with you so they are person-centred and individualised. We record and monitor your goals and aspirations and work with you using different strategies so you can achieve them.

We will offer you guidance and assistance when you need it so you can achieve your goals and we will work closely with you, your carers or family members to give direction to make sure we are all working towards the same goals.

We do this by laying out an individual plan for you, obviously this is subject to change depending on its purpose or indeed its level of achievement, but in essence your goals represent independence, providing meaning and

Individual plans focus on:

  • The individual
  • They are flexible and subject to change depending on progress and other factors - Personal goals and aspirations
  • Unique skills and strengths
  • Promoting and supporting independence

Individual Plans Structure:

Individual plans are set once per year unless flexibility is needed, in which case they are changed more frequently. Plans are changed following a meeting that takes place at our Centre with yourself and all involved in the process such as:

  • Team
  • Leader Key
  • Worker
  • Your Carer or family member
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Programs and Events

With so many programs and events happening throughout the year, you will love the chance to try new things, socialise and build friendships, work towards your goals and aspirations and get out in the community and get involved in new activities and experiences.

NDIS providers Northern Suburbs Melbourne

Just a few of the things NDISFinder’s clients have done so far:

  • Visit Melbourne Aquarium
  • Visit Science works
  • Outdoor Cinema
  • Families Picnic in Park
  • Ten Pin Bowling
  • Pottery Classes

Plus, NDISFinder attends special events including club shows, Morning Melody’s, River Side Theatre, movies and other events throughout the year.

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